SNL Valentine's Day 2009!

So last night the Jonas Brothers were the musical guest on SNL with Alec Baldwin hosting. I was especially excited this week to watch because I love the Jonas Brothers. Not their music though. I received most of their catalog from an actual fan/friend and can't listen to more than a couple at a time, because they're not very good. Screechy. Annoying riffs. Bad, overtly rhyming writing.

So how can I love them? I'm in love with their image. This is not to be confused with their appearance and metro-sexual style. I see them from a critical approach, I love why they're famous but not their fame. Perfect boy band recipe. Let's pretend we're record execs: we sign them. Sure, they're not that great, not really doing anything new, but look at them!

Millions of Disney Channelers would give anything for them!
Perfect. Boy. Band. Formula. Who cares what they sound like!

Anyway, so Lorne was probably crying in his office last night since the show ran so short. And I feel like the writers put all of their effort into the Jonas Brother sketches. Even Andy hooked them for his digital short...

And Alec Baldwin as the fourth brother Gary Jonas for the first sketch of the show, I bet they had huge ratings early last night.


parkereloise said...

great thoughts
that alec baldwin skit is hilarious
he is clearly doing all the work in it though
but he is just too funny
haha i love how he is subtly mocking them
the donut brothers
ah i love it.
but in the long run this makes
me miss mike meyers, adam sandler, dana carvey, martin short chris farley (rip) and will farrell...
i think i have to go watch opera man on youtube to fill the hole in my heart.


heyyyyy i love this cuz i missed it and you rock cuz you hit the nail on the head! nice!!!! <3 Kate