I Will Be the Captain of Your Street Team

I love metro Toronto. I'm half Canadian and close to being dual-citizenship'd. Been to TO tons of times to visit family and found that the indie culture there is really cool. Besides the Born Ruffians, Tokyo Police Club (not actually from TO, but whatever), Hooded Fang, Will Currie and The Country French, the list goes on...there is Nirvana. The Band. The Show.

Enter Matt and Jay, (above) two pop-culture savvy filmmakers based off Queen Street in downtown Toronto, which is the equivalent of Melrose Ave in LA or 14th Street in New York, that play a fictitious two-piece band with a promise to "never play the same show twice".

They're also incredibly hilarious.

Their site has 8 serialized episodes, by the time they stop making them :( there will be 10. Countless Piano Sessions, adventures, deleted scenes, downloads and auditions (Born Ruffians have an audition & were in ep. 7!) are there as well. Great music on everything too - they have a thing for rap, 60s-90s stuff and Army by Ben Folds...

My brother and I started a Rock Band band called 'Four Wild Swipes' after we found their site in the summer. Look for this deleted scene on the website, it's our favorite. We sent Matt and Jay a pretty pointless email telling them about our plastic band and they mailed us back saying 'they would open for us', which was really nice of them.

So since they're a band, I'll be their street team. Team Rivoli..?
Just do yourself a favor and watch everything on the site.

If you read this far you're probably begging for the link, and if you just rolled down you better click it, I'm going to make it big...


Matt and Jay - I hope you see this sometime!
You guys are seriously rad.
Next time I see the Rivoli I'm def. taking a picture of it


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