Guess What? It's Strokes Day!

Through various means I've found out some more details about The Strokes' recent activities.
As reported, The Strokes will enter the studio in February to begin writing the follow up to 2005's First Impressions of Earth. Albert Hammond Jr. recently told Rolling Stone that session will happen on "February 11th at 2 o'clock."

Isn't that exciting?! That's, um...7 days from now!

Julian did a thing for Andy Samberg's new comedy band The Lonely Island. Track is called Boombox. Should be good, even though he collaborations are...yeah. [ty, FK!]

miss u guys 2.



HOLIEEEEE ANNIEEEE!!! no way im so excited! thanks for having a coolio blog that talks about hte strokes cuz they are tha shyyyyt. love ya gurl and this post thanks for the infooo!

Britt said...

Yay! Every day should be a Strokes Day. (Haha, I even wrote ''2 o'clock'' in my diary at that day).

Cathy said...

i like them. first album<3