I Love Albert Hammond Jr. - The Reprise

I was pretty disappointed when Como Te Llama wasn't digitally released on iTunes when it was promised (June 17). It finally comes out the 8th as I said earlier, and so does Albert for a 'free' show at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square!! You have to buy the disc to get a wristband- no problem, since I kind of wanted the physical item instead of just a download, but I also wanted to know the songs before the concert. I can just forget all of those 18+ worries and spending money on a ticket to see him. I'll admit to taking a risk with another free show (see Foiled Again below) but I think it'll work out fine as long as I get there really early. Before I learned about this I found a ticket giveaway for his private show at the Mercury Lounge July 1. But you need to by 21 for all ML events. There goes my chance of seeing the other band members but I guess I'm just going to have to catch up with them later.

Listen all of the new tunes on his myspace page

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